Address: 157-8 Jiangxi Lu

Last order: approx. 10:30pm

大碗牛肉拉面 6元

This establishment serves up standard la mian, for the most part not oily and served efficiently and with little fanfare. While this place may lack a little in character compared to others around town, it carries the added advantage of extra convenience for those frequent excursions to the Jiangxi Lu bar strip of Freeman Café, Charlie’s and LPG. This is one of the few la mian places we have so far discovered in Qingdao that serves beer (either a saving grace or indication of its lack of authenticity). NOTE: Awesome huntun – wanton soup (go for the shrimp!) - 6元! - and huoshao - fire bread - 1元 - available two shops down).

RUDI: Hurry up, Happy Hour at LPG finishes in 20minutes.
DAVE: Arsenal’s game starts in 20min, I’m not fucking waiting for you guys!
ADAM: It’s just a game, mate!
RUDI AND DAVE: Shut up, Adam!

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