Address: 31 Sifang Lu

Last order: approx. 10:00pm

大碗牛肉拉面 8元
加肉牛肉拉面 10元

I found this fantastic la mian eating hole at the lowest end of the bustling Sifang Lu food market in Qingdao's old city. The family are straight out of Lanzhou, with their thickly accented Mandarin certainly only reserved for guests, while the playfulness of the two teenage boys who flirted with the young female guests on my first visit there added that little bit of extra charm to the place.

The la mian here was definitely good - the noodles fresh, the meat tasty and the broth simply delectable. Most importantly it seems to include that very special ingredient, because these noodles leave that special 'ma' (麻) or numb taste in your mouth which reminds me of the la mians I ate in Lanzhou! This little gem even sells beef and lamb dumplings, very affordable at only 7 and 8 yuan respectively for 25 of them. However, the true masterpiece to be found here is their sensational yangrou paomo - the best I've tasted out of Xian!

It's the perfect place to grab a meal at before or after a trip to the fantastic food market which starts near the corner of Sifang Lu and Baoshan Lu, and extends itself for a good kilometre or more up the winding hill through a very interesting area of old Qingdao.

Sifang Lu can be found two blocks down Zhongshan Lu going north from the church, and is not to be confused with The One on Qufu Lu.

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