Address: 7 Yunxiao Lu

Last order: approx. 10:00pm

大碗牛肉拉面 8元
加肉牛肉拉面 10元

A pungent aroma greets visitors into this small, diner-style la mian eatery. And not a place to regularly entertain foreign clientele, the two young girls peered at me sheepishly from across the mini-hall, having very promptly delivered me my tall, white bowl of la mian covered with small, fatless diced beef and a good helping of chives. The 加肉拉面 (10元) served to the table beside me were however laced with generous slices of beef that concealed the noodles beneath.

Warranting a review if for nothing else but the large English sign out front which might mistakenly direct foreigners here, this place can not be deemed a real Huimin Muslim restaurant by any stretch of the imagination. All the regular wall menus, pictures of mosques and men with skullcaps are noticeably missing....and to add further insult, this place actually sells pork, which makes one wonder how they dare even display "Lanzhou Beef Noodels" on the shopfront! If in the area, I would certainly suggest you take a two-minute walk round the corner to The One in the Middle instead.

This low-key diner can be found on the Yunxiao Lu eating strip between Zhangpu Lu and Hong Kong Middle Road. Look for the big blue sign that reads Shang's Lanzhou Beef Noodels!

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