Address: Yizhou Lu

Last order: approx. 7:30pm

牛肉拉面 5元
加肉拉面 7元

This hugely popular restaurant situated in Qingdao's old city has been around for well over twenty years. Local legend holds that the Ma family make their special 拉面汤 with a very, secret ingredient whose secret effect will never be disclosed to the public. Certainly the old woman serving soup was very clear - no photos inside the kitchen!

The la mian is a far cry from the Lanzhou variety - the thick, gluey noodles drowned in a bowl of rich and oily brown broth which tasted more like chicken to me than beef or lamb. The locals eating here would swear by it and if the crowds of customers during the lunch hour are anything to go by, then it certainly tastes good. I visited the one on Yizhou Lu on a weekday at lunch time and had to wait for a table, with the two rooms inside absolutely packed to the rafters.

Ma Jia La Mian Restaurant displays that it is a Muslim eatery and carries pictures of mosques on the walls, but nevertheless serves beer in true Qingdao fashion. No 刀削面or 羊肉泡馍 on the menu here, however if you take a liking you can try the barbecue skewers (chuan, 串) or savoury chopped meat squashed into a bread sandwich (rou jia mo, 肉夹馍).

A more authentic and homely Lanzhou-style Ma Jia La Mian with the familiar eating menu can be found on Tai'an Lu, also in the old city, and is open much later until after 11pm. Another Ma Jia La Mian restaurant can be found on Dagu Lu. I'm not a big fan of the Ma Jia la mian, but thousands of Qingdao locals are (my very good friend and his whole family included) and I would definitely recommend you stop by for a look and try.

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