Address: Dayao 3 Lu

Last order: 10:00pm

大碗你肉拉面 6元
加肉拉面 10元

This breezy little restaurant run by a friendly Turkmen-Chinese gentleman performs its role as a standard la mian eatery in Qingdao style with a roomy outdoor section on the street for those summer months. The la mian, which are prepared in full view of the customers, come inside a very tasty and meaty broth. Other standard dishes on the very standard wall menu come in good helpings and are served up with obligatory bowls of 拉面汤. While the lamb slices served up with my 羊肉拉面 were just a tad on the fatty side, this tiny indiscretion on their part was certainly made up for by their soup!

Just one of the many la mian options in the area (see The One Behind the Trees or The One on Xiaoyao 2 Lu), The One on Dayao 3 Lu definitely does the trick, and can be found on your left hand side heading south from Ningxia Lu.

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