Address: Corner Xiaoyao 1 Lu & Dayao 1 Lu

Last order: approx. 10pm

大碗牛肉拉面 5元

Nestled within the small community on the corner of Xiaoyao 1 Lu and Dayao 1 Lu behind Ningxia Lu, the little girl welcomed us into the cavern under her calm father’s supervision. And the special la mian experience could hardly have started on a better note, with our very own personal teapot of beefy broth delivered to the table. Though a little on the oily side, the soup immediately prompted comparisons with The One on the Corner.

The cute and colourful la mian resting place is perfectly peaceful, with soothing Chinese music emanating from the la mian maker’s mobile phone. The noodles are prepared right before your eyes just inside the entrance, and with the rich soup and ample portions of beef, this provides one of the great la mian eating experiences in Qingdao. The noodles are cheap at 5yuan for a large bowl and large Muslim naan is also available.

With a sign for 啤酒 posted outside, when the tables come outside in the summer, this becomes the perfect paradox - a la mian beer garden for those hot months (if, as assumed, you won’t be able to drink beer inside).

If confused about the location, simply wander up to any of the locals loafing around the corner and say 'la mian'.

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