Address: 125 Furong Road

Last order: 10:30pm

大腕当归牛肉拉面 6元
大腕加肉当归拉面 10元
大腕当归牛肉汤 10元 (小碗5元)

Two young Hui boys and their mothers welcomed us calmly into their spotless restaurant in the heart of Taidong, their husbands in the kitchen out back donned accordingly in the customary white hats and aprons.

Two deep white bowls of la mian were served to us in exquisite fashion with a circular-shaped metal tong, impressing on us the cleanliness of the place. The soup came with a greenish tinge, seemingly a sign of the medicinal angelica herb or dang gui (当归) that is used religiously in this distinctive establishment, and laced with small diced pieces of beef and thin cuttings of coriander.

A poster on the wall justifies their inclusion of当归in their 拉面汤 together with their exclusion of the traditional Lanzhou noodle ingredient peng hui (see Recipe for more information) on the grounds of health reasons. A herb grown only in mountainous areas at heights of 1800-3000 metres above sea level, danggui is said to be good for the blood, stomach and liver and is a popular ingredient in a number of other 拉面汤found in Qingdao.

The angelica-infused la mian tang provides for an especially fragrant soup carrying a strong medicinal taste and feel. Later after having drowned our bowls, our bodies positively sweated toxins. Bowls of dang gui beef soup (当归牛肉汤) are on the menu while naan is also available.

For a positively therapeutic 拉面 and particularly when one’s feeling under the weather, make your way here.

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