Address: Jiangxi Lu

Last order: 10pm

大碗牛肉拉面 5元
大碗加肉拉面 7元
大碗羊肉拉面 6元pm

Featuring a terrific shaded outdoor area for the summer months that seats no less than 64 people, this seems a superb spot to escape one of the busiest sections of the Jiangxi Lu la mian route and partake in your ritual dish. Too bad that on my visit the la mian here unfortunately just didn't cut the mustard!

The quality of the noodles was mostly to blame – soft and increasingly slimy, perhaps simply overcooked, resulting in another of those very lackluster la mian experiences. A decent, yet not incredibly meaty, soup and cheap prices did little to compensate.

The setting however is great, while the ban mian (新疆拌面) and liang mian (凉面) on the tables beside me did look good, so if you live close by I’d recommend you visit to savour other dishes on their all-too familiar menu. It’s possible they were even having an off day, and it’d be wise during meal hours to make a reconnaissance of how many customers are actually eating la mian!

I do also admit that during winter, the name might need a change.

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