Address: 12 Qufu Lu

Last order: 10pm

大碗牛肉拉面 5元
大碗加肉拉面 10元
大碗羊肉拉面 6元

The number of customers eating la mian at any given time is usually a good sign of its quality…and that as I sat down I saw all ten customers fully engaged with their 拉面, some slurping up noodles, others completely drowning their bowls of hot soup and one kid completely focused on the task at hand - and all this on one of the hottest days of the year in Qingdao - I was anticipating something good.

And I was not disappointed as I was served a deliciously beefy broth with a noticeable presence of dang gui (当归). The young lads from Qinghai running the joint were working up a sweat to handle the roaring trade during the weekday lunch break - a good sign of how hard these guys work, particularly in this busy part of old Qingdao. As I was savouring the moment, four construction workers belted their way in and yelled out, “La mian”, “La mian”, “La mian”, “La mian”!

The 羊肉泡馍 served up to the man next to me looked dark and super meaty and came with fried bread, just like on The Hill, so should be worth a shot. The lamb barbecue (yang rou chuan’r, 羊肉串) looked good too - check the board for the 串+拉面deal.

This ramshackle la mian restaurant found right off Zhongshan Lu is a beauty - just don’t come here if you’re looking for clean-tiled floors and a view of the sea.

That was a kick-arse delicious la mian!
Posted by David at 12:07 pm on Sun, 13th August 2017

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