Address: Cnr Xuzhou Lu, and one unnamed street that houses a police station

Last order: approx. 10:30pm

大碗牛肉拉面 5元
加肉牛肉拉面 7元
加一份肉 2元

This is a super authentic Hui Muslim food establishment, run down and with a genuine feel of the real Gansu. The extra friendly family serve up a quality la mian and yangrou paomo, while special mention needs to be given to the young buff boy who serves us – he is a real gentleman and will likely end up as la mian general of the Shandong prefecture within the next decade. The non-descript interior is noticeably missing the wall picture menu which obligates the 两个老外 to exercise a proficiency in Putonghua (we’d have it no other way!).

This tasty tavern dishes out constant surprises, for instance its awesome yang rou paomo (羊肉泡馍 10元), not to mention the rows of dead bloody sheep dragged out on display in its outdoor abbertois (see above pic). No lamb la mian on the menu here (we are not sure why!). Its proximity to the 604 La Mian Bus Line on Jiangxi Lu is a definite plus, only problem being that the last bus on the la mian route departs la mian terminal at 9:10pm and usually doesn’t bypass here after about 10.

From Jiangxi Lu, go downhill on Xuzhou Lu and you will find it a few streets down on your left (just look for the sign for the Hong Kong Middle Road Police Station (香港中路派出所).

RUDI: 看这个!为什么没有羊肉拉面!!!
RUDI: There goes another sheep!
DAVE: Chuan’r?

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