Address: 9 Zhangpu Lu

Last order: approx. 10:30pm

大碗牛肉拉面 6元
大碗羊肉拉面 8元
加肉 5元

The first thing that hits you when you wander into this little eating den is the scintillating smell of the la mian broth that emanates throughout.

Situated halfway on Rudi and Dave's backstreet walk from work to ‘Top of the Hill’ (hence the name), this clean and extremely cosy eatery serves up a good la mian in fashionable dark red bowls and with Chinese spoons that add to the friendly décor (friendly staff too). The restaurant features an outside eating area for those hot summer months (albeit encased above in aluminium roofing during winter). Clean tables offer decorative vinegar pots, chilli paste, a choice of both plastic and wooden chopsticks, tissues and even individual dustbins.

The la mian is served with good, fatless meat and consistent noodles. While the soup is not on par with ‘The One on the Corner’ or ‘The Cave’, this is definitely worth a visit for the avid la mian muncher who just happens to be rummaging around for a more expensive meal (for some unknown reason) along the popular Yunxiao Lu eating strip. Open late.

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