Address: 11 Minjiang Lu

Last order: 9:30-10:00pm

大碗牛肉拉面 6元
大碗羊肉拉面 8元

The One on the Corner
The One Behind the Trees
The One on the Hill
The One in the Middle
The One at the End of Minjiang Lu
The One Opposite Rudis
The One Upstairs
The One on Xiaoyao 2 Lu
The One on Xuzhou Lu
The One Opposite LPG
The One on Sifang Lu
The One on Yunxiao Lu
The One Called Ma Jia
The One Called Ma Jia 2
The One on Dayao 3 Lu
The One in Taidong
The One on Tianjin Lu
The One at the Start of Jiangxi Lu
The One that is Disappointingly Convenient
The One with the Wooden Deck
The One Called Ma Jia Under the Wang Ba
The One with the Dang Gui
The One Outside
The One on Qufu Lu

This standard la mian noodle hall serves up an average la mian complete with good portions of meat and diced gherkins, while complementary bowls of 拉面汤 are offered with all non-soup fare. Its selling points are also its very convenient location at the end of Xinpu Lu, a very short distance from Dave’s workplace, not to mention the very friendly family (and Tibetan friend) who operate it, who last time I ventured there were absorbed in a very delectable looking meal of double 大盘鸡 - one to try for sure!

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