Address: 142 Jiangxi Lu

Last order: 10:00pm

大碗你肉拉面 6元
大碗羊肉拉面 7元
大碗加肉拉面 9元

Dave was mighty pleased when Rudi informed him of yet another la mian establishment on the Jiangxi Lu la mian route, especially with the hand-pulling and ‘throw into the broth’ out on display at the front of the restaurant. However joy quickly turned to disappointment for him on his first taste of the overly oily la mian broth which didn’t even appear to taste like meat.

Nevertheless, we are now happy to report a very pleasant surprise on a recent trip there. Rudi has noticed a change in the staff - notably the young gentleman slapping out the noodles out front - and we are not quite certain if that is responsible for the improved la mian experience. The meat was thick and tasty (though a bit fatty) and the soup very aromatic, while the la mian was loaded on top with crunchy green chives - certainly good enough for the two of us to completely empty out our bowls. Let's hope they keep up the good work

This cute little place can be found near the corner of Zhangzhou Road, only a short stroll down the hill from the Jiangxi Road bar strip of LPG, Freeman and Charlies.

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