Address: 11 Jiangsu Lu

Last order: 9:00pm

大碗你肉拉面 6元

Having just wandered out of the underground market on Longshan Lu (龙山地下商场) during the early summer and in the mood for something to eat before taking the bus to work, it appeared out of nowhere like a hole in the wall surrounded by appetising 兰州拉面 signage outside. Working my way in past the quaint little eating section at the bottom, I ascended the stairs to discover a great dining area up high drenched in sunlight and that caught a beautiful Qingdao breeze that wafted through the open space.

My 牛肉拉面 was very promptly delivered - tasty beef atop an average soup with extra rubbery noodles saved me from my craving and sent me hopping out of the friendly little restaurant to my desolate office environment downtown (as I was by now running very late for work). While not spotting the 加肉 on the all-too-familiar wall menu, I would recommend it as a compensation for the soup lacking the beefy edge of other la mians reviewed on this site.

All in all, this is a sweet little Lanzhou diner situated in a very pretty area of Qingdao and is one to enjoy, particularly in the summer months.

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