Address: 20 Xiaoyao 2 Lu

Last order: approx. 10:00pm

大碗牛肉拉面 6元
加肉 2-5元

The first thing we noticed on entering here was that it was much bigger than other Huimin restaurants in the Qingdao area. And it was the whole family, enjoying their evening meal near the front door beneath the familiar wall menu, that greeted me with a familiar "你吃什么?". To which I gave the even more familiar reply: "拉面!"

I overlooked the la mian production in full view of the relatively massive kitchen and it was quick, the noodles promptly delivered in a deep, white bowl and placed down on the table beside an enticing claypot bowl of chili oil. Before I could even think of flinging out my camera for a shot of the la mian, I had to try the soup and one taste quickly became two as it was so good! As I looked up to grab my chopsticks, I noticed the young boy had already exited the kitchen and stationed himself at a considerable vantage point to grant friendly approval to the new arrival.

I was warmly seen on my way by the young daughter - who confidently uttered that she, too, studied English at her school - and her proud father who asked if I'd take him with me to Australia to open up a la mian restaurant - not the first time this has been mentioned, mind you!

For a pleasant change of venue from The Cave nearby, this homely restaurant serves up a good la mian in a warm and colourful atmosphere and can be found just around the corner from the FuJiaJu Market (附加聚综合商场) on Xiaoyao 2 Lu.

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